About Elisa Neri

UK based artist

From an early age I am attracted to art: painting, dancing and singing. At the age of 6 I started attending the Academy of Performing Arts in Turin.
At nine I started singing and presenting myself at competitions, festivals and charity concerts. I studied piano and did a painting course for 5 to 7 years, starting to approach oil painting. After that, I stopped painting and concentrated on singing. Only in 2017, when I arrived in England, the desire to create with my hands was awakened. Because of my mixed origins (Italian / Bulgarian) and the drastic change of the international move, I think I have been able to see the world from multiple points of view which helps me to do the same with art and experiment with various techniques. In the last two years I have sucked information and techniques and from the most basic lessons at school (high school) and from the black hole which is Youtube, which has basic information and videos of demonstrations by professional artists. Furthermore, my moodiness tends to make me stare out the window and travel with my memory among my books where I find inspiration. So my art tends to vary between the mixture of gray Turin elegance, the warmth and color of Varna and the mysticism of my bookshelf. Lately I try to let myself go more in the creation without stiffening too much as my more perfectionist character tends to do.


Art Exhibition at Horizon Community College (Barnsley - United Kingdom) - 2018
Doncaster Art Fair (Doncaster - United Kingdom) - 2019
The Great Little Picture Show - Dovecot Gallery - (Styrrup - United Kingdom) - 2019 - Dovecot Gallery


Bulgarian Business Awards -"Best Art and Handmade Business of the year by public vote" (London- United Kingdom) - 2019
Doncaster Art Fair - "Best in Show Single Artwork" - Second prize (Doncaster - United Kingdom) - 2019
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